#___PAPER DREAMS. träume
night-wear... not mare ;)


So, mein Schlafoutfit besteht aus einem schlabbrigen Top, schlabbriger Hose und einem Teddü. =D

Oberteil: H&M (10.-)

Hose: Metro (50.-)

Teddy: =D


Das Oberteil mag ich besonders, erstens weil es so gross und weit geschnitten ist und zweitens weil die Beatles drauf sind.

Ich mag die Lieder von den Beatles und als ich das T-Shirt sah, musste ich es unbedingt haben, also hab ich‘s mir gekauft.

Zur Hose gibt’s eigentlich nicht viel zu sagen, Hauptsache sie ist gross und gibt warm. Vor allem im Winter finde ich es sehr wichtig dass man auch beim Schlafen richtig angezogen ist, so dass man warm hat.

Der Teddü hab ich von meiner lieben Schwester zu Weihnachten bekommen, seither ist er nie aus meinem Bett verschwunden und ist jede Nacht an meiner Seite und beschützt mich in meinen Träumen. <3


Wieso ich dieses Outfit gewählt habe ist einfach, für mich muss es gross und warm sein. Denn ich hasse es am Morgen aufstehen zu müssen und halb zu erfrieren. -.-

Sow, das war’s dann von mir.


~ Eure Shu =D


22.2.11 22:31



Finally i could go out for the first time today... I'm still a little bit sick but it is okay now

BUT what i wanted to tell you. I asked a friend of mine to work a at the design of serendipity.eu.tc. AND she will do it for me. (YES i am just little TOOO lazy to do it *griiiiin*)
BUT I am very happy that she will help me... I am sorry that i can't post any make-up tips n so on today... but I am still sick, so i hope you understand

BUT.... I'm really inspired by ERDEM.. iSO love his flower prints :DD
what do you think about this? :D

xoxo CHII
17.2.11 19:02

My wonderful valentine's day and what will serendipity.eu.tc be?

Haha I already mentioned much in the title.

Let's start with the Valentine's day:

FINALLY i got to Starbucks AND got my coffee. I was there with a friend and it was real fun cz we combined that with shopping....
BUT i couldn't find anything to wear so sad how i had been, i went to M.A.C. cosmetics n bought some make-up... just another eyeshadow... i felt so in love with it <3
And when i got home.. i really felt bad and hoped not to be sick...but when i lay in my bed... i finally noticed that i've had high fever.... TT'''
SO I'm still lying in my bed... because of this NICE sickness in MY HOLIDAYS... (what a relief....)

And now... the question is... will serendipity.eu.tc ALWAYS be just that page where i can write something, if i want to tell somebody what i feel at the moment?
NO!!! (or not only)
i want serendipity.eu.tc to be a style/ma-ke up (n all kind of this)blog :D
What do you think? haha....

that was it.. for today....

xoxo chii~
15.2.11 09:53


"The loverless nights they seem so long,
I know that I'll hold you someday.
But until you come back where you belong,
It's just another lonely Sunday."

Ow, what a day. Im so bored right know, and that's the reason why I have registered this blog.>br>
I hate sundays here. I hate that i can't do anything on a sunday. All shops are closed, so where could i go to?... Coffee-shops? That would be so nice!!!
i'd be glad to go to Starbucks now BUT... no there is no Starbucks in our town... so i had to go by train... but who wants to get up.. take the train to drink one coffee at Starbucks... ON A SUNDAY??
nearly nobody, if i would add that the whole journey would take me one hour!!

SO, what am i doing now? Lying in my bad... switched the tv on and getting bored while surfing the net.

Oh people....why isn't there a call by anybody.... to go to the train and get one coffee from Starbucks.... huhuhu..what a damn life on a sunday.... i hate it, if i have nothing to do....

xoxo Chii
13.2.11 14:14